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Tawa: Premier

Updated May 2012: Of Wellington's suburban clubs, Tawa's record is the most consistent over the past several years, having made the Jubilee Cup round five years in a row from 2003-2007 - although the last few years they have finished outside the top eight and missed a Jubilee Cup spot. But in both 2009 and 2011 at least, they made up for that by sweeping to the Hardham Cup title.

In 2009 they did so after winning every game in the round-robin and clinching the top qualifier's spot with two rounds to spare. In 2011 they upset top qualifiers and favourites OBU 25-20 in the final (celebration shot pictured). Previously, they also won the Hardham Cup the last time they had played in it in 2002, following their first Hardham Cup win in 1994. They last made the Jubilee Cup final in 1998.?

In 2007 the Tawa Rugby Football Club celebrated its 60th jubilee. Since their formation after World War Two, Tawa have come a long way from humble beginnings when their senior team had to use a gravel patch outside the Tawa Fire Station as their training field, and when inclement weather prevented that they were obliged to ask their friendly neighbours from down the road Johnsonville for the use of their gymnasium. These days of course their facilities in the leafy surrounds of Lyndhurst Park are excellent, including floodlights and a hospitable bar upstairs.

Tawa are well respected in Wellington club rugby. Blessed with an assortment of fleet footed backs, they are renowned for playing attractive, running rugby. These players in recent times have included former New Zealand age grade centre Willie Lafaele ( who they cruelly lost to injury in the pre-season this year)and his brother Hayden, New Zealand Sevens star Nigel Hunt, Samoan international Mala Mailo, wing Junior Togia,, first five-eighth Gene Johnston, and outside backs John Masaga, Vice Saletele and George Tilsley who came off the bench and starred in the 2011 Hardham Cup final and Stephen So'oialo. Current Highlander Shaun Treeby is a Tawa product and recent Hurricane David Smith have all played their rugby out of Lyndhurst Park in recent times.

A distinguished list of famous players have worn the Tawa jersey, including All Blacks Vince Bevan and Graham Mexted - who both played for New Zealand against the British Isles in 1950 - Murray Mexted, Steve McDowell and Dion Waller. Additionally, Hurricanes and Super Rugby players have been Brad Fleming, Shane Carter, Sam Doyle, Kevin Yates (also England), Tone Kopelani, Treeby and Smith. Waller and former Samoan international and brother of Rodney are the coaches in 2012.


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Results from games played:
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Date Competition Round Team 1 Score 1 /\ Team 2 Score 2
2007-06-23 Jubilee Cup Premier 2 Tawa: Premier 30 Petone: Premier 18
2009-05-23 Swindale Shield 9 Tawa: Premier 7 Petone: Premier 16
2012-06-16 Jubilee Cup Premier 1 Tawa: Premier 37 Petone: Premier 3
2014-05-17 Swindale Shield 9 Tawa: Premier 27 Petone: Premier 31
2019-03-23 Swindale Shield 1 Tawa: Premier 22 Petone: Premier 41
2017-04-22 Swindale Shield 6 Tawa: Premier 47 Petone: Premier 24
2012-05-26 Swindale Shield 9 Tawa: Premier 43 Petone: Premier 13
2017-07-08 Jubilee Cup Premier 5 Tawa: Premier 30 Petone: Premier 20
2011-05-28 Swindale Shield 10 Tawa: Premier 16 Petone: Premier 15
2006-04-08 Swindale Shield 2 Tawa: Premier 17 Poneke: Premier 23
2016-06-18 Jubilee Cup Premier 2 Tawa: Premier 15 Poneke: Premier 24
2010-05-22 Swindale Shield 8 Tawa: Premier 42 Poneke: Premier 35
2018-06-23 Jubilee Cup Premier 3 Tawa: Premier 10 Poneke: Premier 44
2016-04-27 Swindale Shield 7 Tawa: Premier 10 Poneke: Premier 9
2007-07-21 Jubilee Cup Premier 6 Tawa: Premier 19 Poneke: Premier 17
2008-06-07 Swindale Shield 11 Tawa: Premier 0 Poneke: Premier 15
2011-04-23 Swindale Shield 5 Tawa: Premier 21 Poneke: Premier 28
2005-05-28 Swindale Shield 9 Tawa: Premier 7 Poneke: Premier 45
2007-06-02 Swindale Shield 10 Tawa: Premier 3 Poneke: Premier 22
2006-07-29 Jubilee Cup Premier 7 Tawa: Premier 18 Poneke: Premier 50
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