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Paremata-Plimmerton: Premier Reserve

Paremata-Plimmerton second XV.



Formed in 1959 and based on the edge of Porirua Harbour at Ngati Toa Domain Paremata-Plimmerton is Wellington’s northernmost club, and its newest Premier one.

As the name suggests, Pare-Plim (as its often shortened to) is an amalgamation of two clubs. Rugby had been played for some years following World War I in the area to the north of the Pauatahanui inlet, but it wasn’t until 1932 that the Plimmerton club was formed; basing themselves at what is now known as Plimmerton Domain between the rail line and the Taupo swamp and enjoying some moderate success in the junior grades in those early years before World War II erupted.

The Paremata club was formed in 1945, one of a clutch of clubs established post-war, and took up residence at Ngati Toa Domain as the site was being disassembled as a military camp. The new club adopted a variation of their neighbours playing strip – Plimmerton wore a grey jersey with a single blue hoop bracketed by a yellow one on each side, Paremata black with red and gold – and soon usurped them on the field as well. The two merged in 1959, adopting Paremata’s colours and home ground and the conjoined name, all of which remain today.

The club’s greatest achievement to date came in their 25th anniversary season of 1984. The year previous the club had won promotion from the third-tier to the Senior Second grade where they shared a three-way tie with both Petone and Wellington’s second sides for the Harper Lock Shield. That saw them contest the Hardham Cup, through which they secured promotion to the Swindale Shield and the Senior First ranks. They remained there for three seasons (1985-87) before being relegated twice in four years.

The fortunes since that time have ebbed and flowed, and often in the shadow of the Norths powerhouse just down the road. The past decade has seen an upturn with the senior side regular contenders in the old Senior 1 grade, and qualification for the Hardham Cup in 2014 provided the impetus to take on the challenge of a Premier place when the WRFU changed the entry criteria following that season. Results on the field haven’t been forthcoming so far, but they have regularly troubled some of the ‘name’ clubs.

Outside of their Premier team the club also fields the required Premier Reserve and Colts teams along with the Reserve grade Punters and their Presidents grade team. In 2017 the club re-established a women’s side which finished runners-up in Division Two, while the Colts won the first-round Division Two JDR Cup and with it promotion to Division One for the second-round. By playing numbers it is also the largest junior club in the region.

The club also holds two ‘firsts’ in Wellington rugby, having been the inaugural winners of the women’s Fleur’s Trophy in 1993, and the Under 85kg Paul Potiki Shield in 1995.

The club is currently embarking on an ambitious rebuilding of their facilities, with the renovation targeting for completion in 2021.

Results from games played:
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Date Competition Round /\ Team 1 Score 1 Team 2 Score 2
2016-05-04 Harper Lock Shield 8 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 10 HOBM: Premier Reserve 28
2017-07-01 HD Morgan Memorial Prem Res 2 4 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 14 Poneke: Premier Reserve 41
2008-04-26 National Mutual Cup 5 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 21 Marist St Pats: MSP First Grad ... 29
2015-05-30 Harper Lock Shield 11 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 20 J'ville: Premier Reserve 21
2016-08-13 Ed Chaney/HD Morgan Memorial 10 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 7 Wainui: Premier Reserve 46
2018-05-05 Harper Lock Shield 9 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 22 Wellington: Wellington Axemen ... 25
2007-03-31 National Mutual Cup 1 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 0 Wellington: The Axemen 70
2016-04-23 Harper Lock Shield 6 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 22 Norths: Premier Reserve 57
2017-06-17 HD Morgan Memorial Prem Res 2 2 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 24 Avalon: Premier Reserve 33
2008-06-07 National Mutual Cup 11 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 47 Wests: Senior 2 5
2015-05-16 Harper Lock Shield 9 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 8 Marist St Pats: Premier Reserv ... 41
2016-07-30 Ed Chaney/HD Morgan Memorial 8 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 5 Wainui: Premier Reserve 38
2018-04-25 Harper Lock Shield 7 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 33 Wainui: Premier Reserve 27
2016-04-13 Harper Lock Shield 4 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 36 Avalon: Premier Reserve 13
2017-06-03 Harper Lock Shield 13 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 10 Poneke: Premier Reserve 29
2008-05-24 National Mutual Cup 9 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 14 OBU: OBU First Grade 16
2015-05-02 Harper Lock Shield 7 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 12 Ories: Premier Reserve 57
2016-07-16 Ed Chaney/HD Morgan Memorial 6 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 31 J'ville: Premier Reserve 17
2018-04-14 Harper Lock Shield 5 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 24 Upper Hutt Rams: Upper Hutt Ra ... 44
2016-04-02 Harper Lock Shield 2 Pare-Plim: Premier Reserve 41 Wainui: Premier Reserve 7
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