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Poneke: Premier

2012: The Poneke Premiers have a consistent recent record at the business end of Wellington club rugby seasons.

Despite winning it just once in modern times, they appeared in six of eight Jubilee Cup finals between 1999-2006 and five of seven that were contested at Westpac Stadium between 2000 and 2006. They sat in the stands for the next three years but returned to the final again in 2010. In 2011 they qualified for a home Jubilee Cup semi-final at Kilbirnie Park, losing to Norths.

2003's 26-22 win over Marist St. Pat's remains their sole victory in this time, offsetting losses to MSP in 1999 (at Athletic Park), Petone in 2000, MSP in 2001 and Norths in 2004, 2006 and 2010 (5-24).

Their previous win before 2003 was in 1996 when the Jubilee Cup was briefly re-branded as the Lion Brown Trophy. They also won their only Hardham Cup title the following year. Surprisingly, they have just one first round Swindale Shield championship behind them, winning that in 2002. They were in contention to win it in 2009 but once again finished runners-up, just three points adrift of champions Norths.

Established in 1883, Poneke is the second oldest club in Wellington behind the Wellington Football Club that was formed in 1870. Poneke celebrated its 125th Jubilee over Easter 2008.

Poneke has produced 19 All Blacks - plus Junior Tonu'u who made the All Blacks whilst playing for the Ponsonby club in Auckland. Six have been All Black captains, these are: TR (Thomas) Ellison, 1893; DR (David) Gage, 1893, 1896; FE (Frank) Mitchinson, 1907-08, 1910, 1913; JT (Jimmy) Tilyard, 1913,1920; B (Beet) Algar, 1920-21; JC (Jack) Griffith, 1934-36, 1938.

As well as All Blacks, there have been numerous other Poneke players to have worn New Zealand Juniors, New Zealand A, New Zealand Colts, New Zealand Maori, Samoan and PI and Vodafone Wellington Lions and Hurricanes jerseys. Their current Super 15 players are hooker Dane Coles, midfielder Charlie Ngatai and prop Reggie Goodes. Former Hutticanes and Tongan international Inoke Afeaki took over their coaching ranks in mid-2012.

Poneke has won or shared 20 Wellington Championships since winning the first ever Wellington Senior title contested in 1886, the Cobb and Co Trophy. They went on to win the Cobb and Co. Trophy a further three consecutive times and as was tradition back then were awarded it outright in 1889. The Trophy is now awarded to the club's Player of the Year.

The Jubilee Cup was first played for in 1929, with Poneke winning the first of seven Jubilee Cups three years later in 1932. Other wins were in 1943, 1944 (these two shared with Oriental) 1951, 1975, 1996 and 2003.

Poneke is a club where "you don't just play, you belong" and its culture is one where players, supporters and sponsors are treated as ‘Family'. The club has been a consistent performer in all grades over many years and this consistency comes from the ongoing provision of great facilities at Kilbirnie Park, coaching and player support.

For more visit their website:
Follow the club on Twitter on @ponekefc

Results from games played:
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Date Competition Round /\ Team 1 Score 1 Team 2 Score 2
2015-05-23 Swindale Shield 10 Poneke: Premier 26 Wainui: Premier 20
2012-06-23 Hardham Cup Premier 2 2 Poneke: Premier 46 J'ville: Premier 0
2007-06-16 Jubilee Cup Premier 1 Poneke: Premier 9 HOBM: Premier 19
2017-04-01 Swindale Shield 3 Poneke: Premier 28 Wainui: Premier 39
2013-04-01 Swindale Shield 1 Poneke: Premier 22 Norths: Premier 17
2008-05-24 Swindale Shield 9 Poneke: Premier 14 Ories: Premier 24
2018-06-02 Swindale Shield 13 Poneke: Premier 57 Avalon: Premier 17
2014-05-17 Swindale Shield 9 Poneke: Premier 20 Upper Hutt Rams: Upper Hutt Ra ... 37
2010-04-24 Swindale Shield 4 Poneke: Premier 36 Wests: Premier 20
2011-07-02 Jubilee Cup Premier 4 Poneke: Premier 27 Upper Hutt: Premier 24
2006-04-22 Swindale Shield 4 Poneke: Premier 21 J'ville: Premier 17
2016-04-23 Swindale Shield 6 Poneke: Premier 19 Ories: Premier 20
2012-05-05 Swindale Shield 6 Poneke: Premier 28 Wests: Premier 16
2007-05-26 Swindale Shield 9 Poneke: Premier 23 OBU: Premier 23
2017-07-08 Hardham Cup Premier 2 5 Poneke: Premier 53 Avalon: Premier 31
2005-04-16 Swindale Shield 3 Poneke: Premier 14 Upper Hutt: Premier 22
2009-05-23 Swindale Shield 9 Poneke: Premier 9 Ories: Premier 35
2015-04-11 Swindale Shield 4 Poneke: Premier 24 Norths: Premier 30
2011-03-26 Swindale Shield 1 Poneke: Premier 20 Petone: Premier 24
2006-08-05 Jubilee Cup Premier 8 Poneke: Premier 15 HOBM: Premier 13
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