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Club Rugby website changes

Swindale Shield | 07 January 2019 | Steven White

Club Rugby website changes

Club Rugby has made some website changes.

Much of the existing website, such as the Draws & Results, Profiles, Photos and our story archives going back to 2005 (the links across the top of this page), remains untouched, but a new home page and a new template for current stories has been implemented.

This is to start modernising the website and to make it easier to read and navigate for the majority of the audience who are on mobile devices, while also providing better value for our current and future partners and supporters.


The original Club Rugby website was built almost 15 years ago and is not ‘mobile friendly’ (we thought about buying and distributing 10,000 magnifying glasses). It is also not Google-friendly anymore and has slowly been de-ranked down their listings pages over the past year or so. This new one is fit for purpose on all devices and Google-friendly.

The new version will soon be the default home page for so do nothing for now – if you are an organic visitor keep visiting the same website name as always. But if you spot a change and you have read this then you will know why!

The ‘new’ home page is:

Thank you for your patience while this transition takes place.

Club Rugby covers all rugby from the ground up and strives to help keep the game alive at the non-professional level so if you want to provide feedback, contribute or partner with us in any way please email

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